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The world as we know it, harsh & fragile at the same time, is the only path for your enlightenment. Beyond your own perception of reality, is there another common reality of consciousness that we do not realise exists and the way to this reality goes throughout the knowing and beyond your own limits.

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posted on December 4th, 2013 | in Lars A. Wern

Beyond Higgs

While Peter W. Higgs does not like the nicknames “God Particle” and “Higgs Particle”, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 for predicting an omnipresent phenomenon that gives mass to the building blocks of everything. The universe is described as filled with a “Higgs field” in which his particle is a vibration so perhaps […]

posted on October 15th, 2009 | in Lars A. Wern

A New Cosmic Perspective

Swedish Abstract Grundsynen att det är vågor bakom allt har fått mig att tänka just på den oändliga livslängd som förknippas med ljusvågor och med den till dem kopplade elementarpartikeln. Ett försök görs här att se kosmos som en lågfrekvent oscillation kopplad till en elementarpartikel med oändlig livslängd! Enklast beskrivs den oscillationen med hjälp av den mest fundamentala formen […]

posted on May 15th, 2009 | in Lars A. Wern

Om Sanningen

On Truth behandlar ett stort ämne i en lit en bok med bara 101 sidor. Den är författad av Harry G. Frankfurt, filosof och professor emeritus vid Princeton University, och utgiven av Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2006. Ett år tidigare hade författaren släppt sin uppmärksammade bok On Bullshit, Princeton University Press, 2005. Om denna skriver han i inledningen […]

posted on September 13th, 1999 | in Architecture


Introduction The modeling process in bio-architecture includes the systematic investigation of natural forms and analysis of their geometrical basics. In this process we usually discover an incredible precision, with which nature makes the calculations of an ideal geometry, though sometimes it is hidden from us and difficult to distinguish. But through conscious study, great sense […]

posted on September 9th, 1999 | in Architecture

Nature, Geometry and Architecture

In this report, I would like to mention some facts which explain the importance of architecture in our lives, its influence in our sensory system and subsequent in our activities. But most important, how the degree of this influence can be determined by the real connection between architecture and nature.

posted on August 10th, 1999 | in Architecture

Technology of the future with lessons from nature

During millions of years of continual evolution, nature has perfected solutions to many of the questions posed by contemporary engineers and architects. But perhaps now, the most intriguing question is how can the integration of bionic findings be transformed into practice? The easiest way may be thought to be the direct imitation of nature, but […]